​Peeking through the windows of success. Top Tips from some of our favourite Authors from around the Globe by Georgie Donaghey

How many times have you wanted to ask your favourite author what is the secret to their success? What magic recipe do they follow? What's the one tip they live by?

You know you've always wanted to know. What would you do for that information? Well, no need to promise your first born or bribe us with a truckload of chocolate, however, we wouldn't turn it away.

The CKT 'Top Tips' page contains tips from the cream of Australian children's literature and a few overseas author friends too.

For those who aspire to reach the literary heights these authors have reached, every piece of advice is invaluable.

We've hand selected a few just to wet your creative appetite. To devour more of our top tips page pop over to our Top Tips page. www.creativekidstales.com.au/tips/top-tips 

Andy Griffiths' Top Tip

'Many fledgling writers misplace a lot of energy worrying about how to get their writing published. That energy is much better spent using writing to deeply explore yourself and the type of stories that only you can tell. Try to find the types of stories that you get a delicious thrill out of writing whether or not they eventually get published.

Lucy Cousins' Top Tip

Create a world that you love yourself, and your enthusiasm will shine through.

Kate Di Camillo's Top Tip

The more human you are, the better writer you will be.

Aaron Blabey's Top Tip

I don't know. It's different for everyone. There's no formula or magic bullet.

All I can say is, my work improved – and became much more popular with children - when I wrote the following two phrases on my studio wall –



Stephan Pastis' Top Tip

To always entertain yourself when you write. Write the story you want to read. Make yourself laugh, cry.

Author of the Timmy Failure series.

Jackie French's Top Tip

'Think! The most beautifully written story is boring if it's ideas are boring. Best seller lists always have at least one book so badly written it makes you cringe to turn the page, but you do keep turning, to find out what happens next. You don't need one inspiration to write a book, but at least ten thousand, twisted and plaited together'.

Mem Fox's Top Tip

'DO 'show' and do not 'tell': try to reveal action and character through what the characters say and do.'

Jacqueline Harvey's Top Tip

'Create characters that you love spending time with. Whether they are the heroes or the villains you have to enjoy writing them. This helps create authentic voices and makes them believable'.

Shaun Tan's Top Tip


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