Emerging Author Interviews

June Perkins - Interview (October 2019)

Why do you want to be a published author/illustrator

To create windows and doors to experiences between diverse cultures for children and young adults so that people see their similarities as well as celebrate their differences.

How long have you been writing/drawing?

I have been writing and drawing from a young age. My first poem was published when I was ten in a magazine called Brilliant Star. In Primary School I came second in an American Australia friendship art competition and my drawing went on a tour to America. Despite this, I stopped drawing in my twenties and took up photography in my mid-twenties, and have never stopped writing. I would like to take up drawing again and would probably concentrate on birds!

How will/did you celebrate your first publication?

My first solo book, Magic Fish Dreaming, was celebrated with a joyous, multi-arts launch with friends, family, an amazing cake, and kick-starter supporters in 2017 (the book was crowd funded.) My first commissioned short story for children will be coming out in September!

How would you describe your writing/illustrating style?

Lyrical, whimsical, poetic, joyful, sometimes with a sense of the cosmos and humourous.

How has Creative Kids Tales assisted you on your journey to publication?

I enjoyed the process of contributing to this year’s Creative Kids Tales  anthology, and having a poem illustrated by another Creative Kids Tales member.  Creative Kids Tales makes me feel part of and connected to a vibrant Children’s Literature community and that I might one day achieve my publishing dreams.