Emerging Author Interviews

David Lewis - Interview (September 2019)

Why do you want to be a published author/illustrator?

I write, regardless.

I love creative writing for the sheer pleasure of telling stories. If my stories connect with hearts and minds, and maybe even spur people to make our universe an even better place to be, then I’m happy.

And yes, holding a published book By David Lewis would be an affirmation by this spellbinding business that I am an Author!

How long have you been writing?

As a child, I hatched secrets, plots and stories in an underground cubby house. I created my magician’s theatre in a backyard chook shed, and discovered magic, imagination and adventure while exploring endless Australian scrub.

I’ve been blessed with creative teachers, writers, friends and children, and a wonderfully creative extended family. So I have a lifetime of catalysts for imagination and creativity.

I stumbled into journalism, where my first short stories were published. Words and stories have opened doors to everyone from rock stars to baby orang-utans. Telling bedtime stories led to my first children’s novel about a green wombat. Middle years novels, picture book stories and a half finished crime novel have followed. So far.

How will you celebrate your first publication?

By writing the next story. And thanking so many dear people for their help along the way. They know who they are.

Oh, and I’ll take my cartoon dog Banjo for a stroll in the scrub. That’s where I discover story ideas under rocks, in the creek bed, and among the wattles and wallaby grass, while listening to gossiping lorikeets and warbling magpies.

How would you describe your writing/illustrating style?

As a journalist, speechwriter and creative writer I strive to adapt my style to suit the purpose. Now I’m strengthening my capacity to write stories that sing for children, and for everyone who values truth, kindness, fun and freedom.

How has Creative Kids Tales assisted you on your journey to publication?

The strength of Creative Kids Tales, and the whole writing world, is the sense of a community of people who care about the power of words and pictures to make a difference.

I’m constantly blown away by the support that writers and illustrators show for each other. Creative Kids Tales, and in particular, the writers in our critique group who have become friends, help shape me as a writer. Add to that the wonderful connections I’ve made in this gobsmacking business. I’ve so much to thank Georgie Donaghey and all the CKT team.

My journey to publication? As author Alison Lester says: ‘Are we there yet?’