Emerging Author Interviews

Liane Morris - Interview (July 2019)

Why do you want to be a published author?

I have been a story teller all my life in one way or another but it wasn’t until I started writing content for business that I recognised this about myself. An exploration into creative writing saw me hooked. I believe in reaching for the stars and so I do. My great grandfather was a prolific writer of poetry and was never published. It was his great disappointment. I want to be a good enough writer that I can be traditionally published. For my great grandfather, to show my boys that it can be done and for my own later-in-life dreams.

How long have you been writing?

I loved writing when I was a child but for some weird reason, never considered writing as a profession. In my business life I worked for many years in arts marketing and wrote copy all the time. Life changes found me working as a freelance copy writer which I found remarkably ‘easy’. This led me to enrolling in a creative writing course in about 2015 to explore writing outside of business. I found myself stuck in reality and wanting to write things as they really happened rather than using my imagination. To free myself up, I took a year of classes in writing for children with Jess Black and found my niche.

How will you celebrate your first publication?

I will no doubt shout it from the roof tops of social media where I know all the wonderfully supportive community of children’s authors and illustrators will celebrate with me.

How would you describe your writing style?

My kids are my inspiration – their quirks, their insecurities and their dreams. My stories tend to be magical realism for kids with huge dollops of history and travel to exotic locations.

How has Creative Kids Tales assisted you on your journey to publication?

I’m excited to be part of the CKT Story Collection Volume 2 this year. It will be lovely to see my stories in print. I think my great grandfather would be proud. I loved the CKT Writers Festival held earlier this year as well. I learnt so much and met so many wonderful people. It’s all part of my long writer’s apprenticeship which we all know we have to serve before publication.