Emerging Author Interviews

Paula Stevenson - Interview (June 2019)

Why do you want to be a published author?

I would love to be a published author of a picture book or a middle grade novel that a child can hold in their hands and read over and over, never wanting it to finish. I want kids to have the same love of words and books that I have had all my life.

How long have you been writing/drawing?

I have been writing for over 20 years though I began writing for adults. I completed creative writing courses with Kate Llewellyn. Glenda Adams and Sue Woolfe. With the arrival of my six grandchildren I rediscovered my love of picture books and began exploring that genre.

How will/did you celebrate your first publication?

I will probably whoop with joy and ring all my family, friends and writing groups who have been listening to me rattle on about my writing and have been patiently critiquing my work for years.

How would you describe your writing/illustrating style?

My style for older children is literary but my picture book style is simple with a lyrical element.

How has Creative Kids Tales assisted you on your journey to publication?

CKT has offered me a forum to share work and seek advice from other writers and of course the last two festivals have been full of stimulating talks and opportunities for manuscript assessments from great publishers and editors.