Emerging Author Interviews

Geoff Richards - Interview (April 2018)

Why do you want to be a published author?

So as to see all the hard work through to fruition and to experience the joy of seeing the finished product, full of colour and complete.

How long have you been writing?

For many years, although really my focus on children’s stories started a couple of years ago, not long after my daughter was born, and I began reading some of my stories to her.

How will you celebrate your first publication?

With a glass of wine with my wife and hopefully read it at my daughter’s pre-school and to share with her friends.

How would you describe your writing style?

Fun, full of adventure, with humorous tales shared from the character’s perspective, that toddlers can hopefully enjoy!

How has Creative Kids Tales assisted you on your journey to publication?

Great, extremely supportive, that offers a unique environment to engage with other budding, or already published authors/illustrators and to bounce countless ideas off one another.


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