Emerging Author Interviews

Wendy Milner - Interview (June 2017)

Why do you want to be a published author/illustrator?

Put simply - I would love to be “good enough” to become a published author. I see being “published” as an acknowledgement that my stories are well written and appealing to others.  

I self-published recently. It is a picture book that I’m very proud of, however this project was less about being recognised as a good author and more about the personal tribute for my family.

Going forward I would love to have my ideas nurtured and refined by clever editors, marketers and experts in the field.

How long have you been writing?

I started working in marketing and communications back in 1997. Copywriting was both my favourite part of the job and one of my strongest attributes.

When Dad died in 2009, I turned my hand to fiction in an attempt to capture his fables in print. I fell in love with fiction writing and have been working on that skill since.

How did you celebrate your first publication?

I launched my first book in November 2016 at the ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ in Jurien Bay, Western Australia. The blessing of the fleet aims to bestow the cray-fisherman and their boats a safe and successful fishing season. It involves the ocean, a long jetty, a canon, some champagne, loads of bunting and some silly costumes.

Grandad and the Baby Dolphin (my first picture book) is a true story featuring the cray-fisherman of that area. Launching my story at the same time as we blessed the boats seemed to make the most emotional sense. It was a lovely day and the story was warmly received by the community.

How would you describe your writing style?


I’m used to writing for financial services, so I am often brutal and brief during the edit. However, I love to chat and I write like a talk.