Charlotte’s Winter Wonderland (Extract)

by Sharna Carter

Charlotte loved Christmas.She enjoyed making decorations, singing Christmas songs and eating all the yummy food. She adored wearing her Rudolph nightie, earrings that look like Christmas stockings and having her photo taken with Santa. But what Charlotte loved most of all, was the Winter Wonderlands.

She saw ice and snow on Christmas Cards, children building snowmen in storybooks and people in movies wearing their special Christmas jumpers - the kind with a reindeer pattern.

Charlotte had never had a Christmas like that, because where Charlotte lived it was always hot and the only ice she saw was in an Esky keeping drinks cool.

Charlotte’s Christmas Day was spent with her family in their shorts and t-shirts, gulping down prawns and running under the sprinkler with her big sister, Emma.

This year, Charlotte had one wish on her Christmas List…

A Winter Wonderland.

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