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13th October 2017

The Mark of the Maker Stone (Book One) cover

The Mark of the Maker Stone (Book One)

Written by Daniel Corcoran

Released: 1st July 2017

Book title: The Mark of the Maker Stone (Book One)
Author: Daniel Corcoran
Publisher: Carrot Sticks
RRP: $14.95 AUD
Intended Audience: 7 - 11 years
ISBN: 9780980817997
Pages: 280 pages

Tell us about yourself

I'm a designer, cartoonist and author based in Melbourne with my wife and two kids (my wife claims she has three kids!). I've been writing for seven years now and love to create whacky stories with unusual characters. My moto is to help kids 'Laugh at Life Often'.

What is your book about?

The Mark of the Maker Stone (Book One) is a junior fiction novel that follows the adventures of Mary the Hairy Fairy (from my favourite book of the same name) who hides from the world, until she discovers that 'being different' can be your greatest strength. This is not your typical fairy tale – it's a humorous story about courage, self-confidence and breaking down the gender stereotypes you typically find in fairy books. It's filled with crazy creatures and a rapid pace as Mary is unexpectedly chosen for a dangerous quest to retrieve the ancient Maker Stone.

Who is your target audience for this book?

Boys and girls aged 7-11. I didn’t want this to be a book just for girls; plenty of boys are reading it, which is great.

What aspects did you find challenging about this book?

It’s my first novel so I was challenged a lot by structure. I had characters waking up on the wrong days and meeting up on the wrong side of the map – it was a bit all over the place! I also learned a valuable lesson in editing: use only one editor that you trust. My editor is great and I made the mistake of getting others involved – professional and amateur – which did not work at all. As an author, I found it difficult to decipher all the channels of feedback feeding into your writing. Sometimes you need to just block everyone out to get words on paper!

What does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

I wanted Mary – the protagonist – to be unique and to stand alone from the typical ‘fairies’ you always see in kid’s books, and I wanted her to standup for herself. I think the message is subtle – I didn’t try to ram it down the readers’ throats because there is nothing worse. The story is action packed, funny, with engaging narration – or so I’ve been told – that draws the reader into the story. The feedback I’m receiving is that kids ‘can’t put it down’.

How did the idea for this book come about?

My favourite book is ‘Mary the Hairy Fairy’ and so I wanted to expand on Mary’s persona and life journey in ‘The Mark of the Maker Stone.’

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Daniel CorcoranOriginating from Perth in Western Australia but now based in Melbourne, Daniel continues a successful career as an author and illustrator. From a young age he’s enjoyed a life long passion for cartooning and continues to write and illustrate stories that help us all ‘laugh at life often’.

‘The world is too serious, especially for our kids, and we allneed more things to laugh at,’ says Daniel. Through thewatchful eyes of his wife and two young children, Daniel isbringing his hilarious stories to life with a unique style and colourful illustrations. The feedback from author visits and book readings across Australia shows Daniel also has a natural talent for presenting. He continues to entertain kids with book readings, interactive live sketching demonstrations and fun art classes. A recent review from a private school in Melbourne stated ‘Many staff believes that Daniel was the best author we have ever had.’

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