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1st October 2017

The Lion in our Living Room cover

The Lion in our Living Room

Written by Emma Middleton

Released: September 26, 2017

Book title: The Lion in our Living Room
Author: Emma Middleton
Publisher: Affirm Press
RRP: $24.99
Intended Audience: 3 - 7 yrs
ISBN: 9781925584226
Author’s website:

Tell us about yourself

Emma is a children’s author and illustrator living on the Sunshine Coast.

Emma’s creative passion is fed by her career dancing for The Vienna Ballet, and the rewarding experience of teaching a generation of children at her own ballet school.

Emma loves to interact with her audience through fun-filled author presentations, involving story, drama, music and art. She believes the theatrical presentation of children’s books brings literature to life.

The influences of Emma’s background in performance is evident in her books. They are infused with the rhythm of music, the drama of story and the colour of art.

In her spare time Emma enjoys observing the world around her and spending time with family. She can often be found in the picture book aisle of her local book store.

What is your book about?

Tom and Tilly wish and wonder will the lion come?

Will he come and visit them for lots of lion fun?

The Lion in our Living Room is ‘a rip-roaring story about dads, the kings of the living room, and the special moments families share.‘

Who is your target audience for this book?

Mainly children aged between 3 and 7 years. This rhyming story is perfect for reading aloud.

What aspects did you find challenging about this book?

The whole process of creating this book was a joy. The team at Affirm Press was incredible. At every stage of the process I felt supported and in expert hands. The most nerve-wracking part was providing the initial edits and hoping that they would be well-received.

What does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

The Lion in our Living Room depicts a positive portrayal of fatherhood; a father that is involved, fun and loving. The important role fathers play in families is often underestimated by our society. The creative lion-games are brought to life through the use of playful imagery.

How did the idea for this book come about?

The Lion in our Living Room evolved from a wish to celebrate some of the joys of childhood, particularly the giddying excitement of anticipation, and the indelible bond that is created when parents playfully interact with their children.

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Emma Middleton

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