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24th July 2017

The Fall cover

The Fall

Written by Tristan Bancks

Released: 29 May, 2017

Book title: The Fall
Author: Tristan Bancks
Publisher: Random House Australia
RRP: (HB) $16.99
RRP: (Ebook) $8.99
Intended Audience: 10+
ISBN (HB): 9780143783053
ISBN (Ebook): 9780143783046
Author’s website:

Tell us about yourself

I’m a writer for kids and teenagers. I write books of (hopefully) funny short stories for primary-schoolers and crime-mystery novels for middle-graders. I’m a writer-ambassador for literacy charity Room to Read.

What is your book about?

It’s about Sam Garner, a twelve-turning-thirteen year-old who witnesses a man pushed from a sixth-floor apartment balcony at 2:11am. He goes to wake his father, a crime reporter, but his dad is not in bed. The perpetrator of the crime soon realises that Sam was the sole witness and comes after him. Sam must stay safe, find his father and, if possible, help the victim.

Who is your target audience for this book?

10-14 year-olds but adults seem to be enjoying it, too.

What aspects did you find challenging about this book?

Balancing the pacing of the crime and investigation with the human side of the story. Sam has never met his father before this week, so he is trying to understand who his father is and who he, himself, is. He has been getting into trouble at home and at school and Mum has sent him to spend a week with his dad. But Sam’s view of his father as a hero is very different from the reality he finds waiting for him. And then Sam sees a dead human being for the first time. So he is dealing with a lot on a personal level as he carries out his investigations and tries to stay alive.

What does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

It’s not a straight genre crime / thriller / mystery story. Like my book Two Wolves, I’ve tried to write an engaging, fast-moving story but with characters we care about and ideas worth exploring - male rites of passage, father-son and mother-son relationships, resilience, dealing with anger, and mortality.

How did the idea for this book come about?

The original inspiration was something I saw while on work experience with a TV station when I was at school. I was following a news cameraman and well-known Australian reporter Harry Potter around Sydney. We covered a story where a man stole a bag, ran through a park and jumped over a fence, not realising that the edge of the park was actually on top of a multistorey car park, built into the side of a steep hill. He fell a number of storeys and, although I don’t know for sure what happened to him, the image of a falling man has stayed with me through the years. I started to wonder, ‘What if a crime reporter had a son who picked up some evidence at the scene of a crime and started doing his own investigations, unravelling a much bigger crime?’

Find out more about Tristan Bancks

Tristan Bancks' website:





The Fall Page:

Room to Read World Change Challenge Page:

Tristan Bancks

Tristan Bancks is a children’s and teen author with a background in acting and filmmaking.

His books include the My Life series, Mac Slater (Australia and US) and Two Wolves (On the Run in the US), a crime-mystery novel for middle-graders. Two Wolves won Honour Book in the 2015 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Awards. It also won the YABBA and KOALA Children’s Choice Awards.

Tristan's new books are My Life & Other Weaponised Muffins (February 2017), a fifth book of weird-funny-gross, semi-autobiographical short stories and The Fall (May 2017)a new thriller novel for ages 10+.

Tristan is a writer-ambassador for world-changing literacy charity Room to Read. He is excited by the future of storytelling and inspiring others to create.

You can connect with him, learn more about his books, play games, watch videos and help him try to change the world here at

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