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3rd August 2016

Noisy Nights cover

Noisy Nights

Written by Fleur McDonald

Released: August 2016

Book title: Noisy Nights
Author: Fleur McDonald
Published by: New Frontier Publishing
RRP: $24.99
Genre: 3-6 years
ISBN: 9781925059663

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a mum of two, farmer-without-a-farm and writer. I spent twenty years farming on the South East coast of WA and I now live in Esperance to concentrate on my writing full time.

What is your book about?

Noisy Nights  is about a chaotic farmyard full of animals, who love to talk at night … And a very tired farmer who needs his sleep.

Who is your target audience for this book?

The book will suit ages 3+.

What aspects did you find challenging about this book?

Getting the rhythm and timing right, which is obviously so important for children, was the hardest thing for me. I do like writing poetry, but this was even more challenging than that! Have to admit, though, I did test it on my nieces and nephews before I let it ‘out into the wild’!

Why does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

I’d like to think it’s because I’ve lived on the farm and I can tell the story with an authenticity that perhaps other authors won’t have. It’s really important. To me, that kids who don’t have anything to do with country life somehow get a sneak peek into it and I hope they can do that through Noisy Nights.

How did the idea for this book come about?

I started my whole writing career, writing stories for my son who is autistic. I wrote four stories around things he knew and understood on the farm, in the hope I could help improve his attention span and get him to sit for a few minutes longer than he could already. When it came to submitting the book, I tweaked it slightly so all children would understand what I was writing about, not just Hayden. However, that Farmer Hayden part stuck!

Fleur McDonald

Fleur McDonald is one of Australia’s leading female rural literature authors, with her books becoming best sellers almost as quickly as they hit the shelves.

Living and working for much of her life on a farm – be it growing up on her parent’s property in regional SA, or more recently on her 8000acre property in regional WA – Fleur draws inspiration from anything and everything she’s experienced.

Noisy Nights  is written by Fleur McDonald, illustrated by Annie White (New Frontier Publishing), $24.99. You can buy the book here -


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