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21st May 2016

Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville cover

Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville

Written by Robert Vescio

Released: 2016

Book title: Barnaby and the Lost Treasure of Bunnyville
Author: Robert Vescio
Illustrated by: Cheri Hughes
Published by: Big Sky Publishing
RRP: (HB) $24.95 - (PB) $14.95
Intended Audience: 4 -10 years
ISBN: (HB) 9781925275643 - (PB) 9781925275612

Q. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a published children’s author. My picture books include, Marlo Can Fly  (Wombat Books) listed on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, No Matter Who We’re With  (IP Kidz) and I have more picture books due for release in 2016 and 2017.

Many of my short stories have been published in anthologies such as Packed Lunch, Short and Twisted, Charms Vol 1 and The School Magazine NSW.

I’ve won awards for my children’s writing including First Place in the 2012 Marshall Allan Hill Children’s Writing Competition and Highly Commended in the 2011 Marshall Allan Hill Children’s Writing Competition.

I am a Books in Homes Role Model and I enjoy visiting schools. My aim is to enthuse and inspire children to read and write and leave them bursting with imaginative ideas.

Q. What is your book about?

The story is about a bunny with big ideas and plans to make Bunnyville a better place.

Barnaby wants a garden, but the mayor won’t agree, ‘Bunnies don’t plant, Bunnies dig!’ Barnaby refuses to give up and comes up with a clever plan to help the other bunnies discover where the real treasure is kept!

Barnaby is the perfect eco-hero for kids everywhere – soft on the outside but with a steely determination to make the world a better place, one plant at a time. Fun and entertaining, Barnaby will empower children to believe they can make a difference.

A story to remind us of the true value of our earth and celebrate the gifts it produces.

Q. Who is your target audience for this book?

For all ages, young and old. It has an important message about caring for our environment and sustainability.

Q. What aspects did you enjoy most about this book?

Picture books involve a great deal of collaboration between a lot of people who give ideas and feedback to make them look beautiful. This is the part that I enjoy most – the creative process. This is when we guide and open our imaginations.

It was great working together with Cheri Hughes and Big Sky Publishing on this project. We went through lots of different styles/looks for Barnaby until satisfied that we were going in a direction that was just right. In the end, Cheri came up with a very cool, eco-friendly bunny that children will love. And Big Sky Publishing was a delight to work with. Their vision, dedication and great communication made the whole process so incredibly easy and enjoyable.

Q. What does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

I wanted to write a story that demonstrated how one’s positive encounter with nature can make a difference for others to enjoy. The story empowers children to believe that they can make a difference. It portrays a strong character who becomes the hero of the town. This story introduces and encourages children to plant and grow outdoor/indoor gardens in a fun and creative way. It can be planting a garden, planting a tree or even planting flowers. Planting makes you happier, healthier and smarter!

Q. How did the idea for this book come about?

Growing up, my parents enjoyed getting their hands in the dirt and reaping the tasty rewards of their labour. They have always maintained healthy gardens consisting of carrots, tomatoes, peas, lettuce and strawberries. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors, especially in the warm summer days. And so, the seed that had been sewn in my head took root and a story began to grow.

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