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19th November 2015

Brown Mouse and the Liquorice Allsort cover

Brown Mouse and the Liquorice Allsort

Written by Jane Stadermann

Released: October 2015

AUTHOR: Jane Stadermann
ISBN: 978-0-9944678-0-5
FORMATS: Kindle Edition
PUBLISHER: Jane Stadermann
PUB DATE: 28 October 2015
AGES: 2-6
RRP: $2.99


A mouse finds a sweet and shares it with a dog and a cat with unexpected results. A funny tale for the littlies and young-at-heart.

Q. Tell us about yourself.

I am a writer/illustrator, living in Sydney. I have been a traditional artist for a very long time and have branched into digital media over the last few years. I now create ebooks for both children [picture books] and adults [novels].

Q. What is your book about?

Brown Mouse and the Liquorice Allsort is about a mouse who finds a sweet and shares it with a cat and a dog with unexpected results. It's a colourful and funny tale.

Q. Who is your target audience for this book?

2-6 is the expected age bracket as the story is mostly a visual one. However, the tale will appeal to all ages and is written in a way that will also amuse parents.

Q. Why does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

Kids love sweets. Parents are often not too keen on their children over-indulging, so if they want to read between the lines in a humorous way, there is that option. The little guy overcoming the odds is a motif which appeals to all.

The book is an ebook, so available for download anywhere, anytime if you have a Kindle Fire or a Kindle ap for other devices. Everyone loves the feel of a physical book but sometimes the convenience of having a story on the ready, in an odd spot, is a relief.

Q. How did the idea for this book come about?

I always like the idea of a little character who is fearless and determined ...hence the mouse in this story.

I also like to soften what is potentially frightening with humour: I think all age-brackets relate to this.

And lollies. I love lollies.

Jane Stadermann

Jane studied Fine Arts at Sydney University as an undergraduate and Creative Writing at UNSW as a post-graduate. She has also studied Education at CDU.

She is a mother who has a penchant for kid's books and toys, for both work and home.



Book Available on Kindle Fire [as it is a coloured text] or on tablets which have the Kindle ap [free download]:

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