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16th October 2015

Awesome Animals - Dogs & Cats cover

Awesome Animals - Dogs & Cats

Written by Dianne Bates

Released: October 2015


Author: Dianne Bates
ISBN: 978-1-925275-38-4 Dogs
ISBN: 978-1-925275-40-7 Cats
Release Date: October 2015
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
Pages: 150
Format: Paperback
Size: 234 x 152mm
RRP: $14.99

An entertaining new non-fiction animal series for kids - a Guinness Book of Records meets Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

The Awesome Animals series features fascinating stories about animals from all over the world. Each beautifully styled book contains true stories and amazing facts about our best-loved pets: dogs, cats & horses.

Book 1 - Dogs & Book 2 - Cats

- released October 2015
Featuring lots of gorgeous illustrations combined with images of the adorable dogs and cats from Best Friends Rescue and Little Legs Cat Rescue, these books are loaded with information and interesting facts. The inclusion of real-life images and stories of the charismatic animals from pet rescue organisations adds another level of education and inspiration.

Aimed at children 8 to 12 years of age, with a average reading age of 10, this series will appeal to both the trade and educational markets, with kids sure to enjoy the entertaining combination of interesting and bizarre facts and stories and wacky jokes and verse.

Key Selling Points

  • No other series of its kind on the market
  • Animals (especially horses, cats and dogs) and stories about them, have great child-appeal
  • Children love trivia, especially when it is bizarre, and the short stories and illustrations will be popular with kids and reluctant readers
  • The book will have strong teacher and parent appeal
  • Supported by an extensive online and national campaign

The books retail for $14.99 each.

Here’s where you can get Awesome Cats: 
... and Awesome Dogs:

Distributor - Woodslane, phone: (02) 8445 2300 F: (02) 9970 5002


Q. Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been writing books for over 30 years and have published 120+. Living near Wollongong NSW, I have the great fortune to live and work with my prize-winning husband YA author Bill Condon. We share the website

Q. What is your book about?

Awesome Animals  is an entertaining new non-fiction animal series for kids - a Guinness Book of Records  meets Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Awesome Cats  and Awesome Dogs,  the first two books in the series, are each an entertaining new read -- a Guinness Book of Records  meets Ripley’s Believe It or Not!  which features fascinating stories about animals from all over the world. As well, there are relevant book lists, jokes and even humorous animal verses. Each beautifully styled book contains true stories and amazing photographs and quirky, illustrated break-out boxes, introduced by funny cartoon animal characters.

Q. Who is your target audience for this book?

Children aged 8 to 11, but there’s no doubt older readers will love the books, too.

Q. What aspects did you find challenging about this book?

I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing these books. The most challenging aspect was finding the right publisher! Big Sky Publishing, which has published the books, have been brilliant to work with and I am immensely happy with and proud of the finished books; I couldn’t I ask for better!

Q. Why does your book offer the reader that differs from others covering similar subjects?

Before writing these books I searched all over the market for something similar, but found nothing. Yes, there are books about cats and dogs, but certainly nothing presented in this way. Take cats, for example: in Awesome Cats  there are hundreds of short stories about cats in history, cat adventures, famous cats and famous people’s cats, working cats, spoilt cats, and cats in fiction and in TV, on stage and in movies. Here’s just a little ‘teaser’ from the book: In 1976 a mystery cat in Hong Kong killed more than 20 dogs. According to local people it was about four feet long and black or gray in color. It was never caught. Imagine that, a dog-killing cat; certainly not a lap cat!

Q. How did the idea for this book come about?

As a full-time, professional children’s author, I am always searching around for an idea which will result in a book that any child would love to read. The three books in the Awesome Animals  series are dogs, cats and horses: it would be impossible, I’m sure, to find one of these animals that any child didn’t love, much less cherish. My quest for unusual animal stories began when I found the story of Old Shep, a dog that maintained a five year vigil at the train station in Fort Benton, Montana, America after seeing the coffin of his master loaded onto a train. How faithful is that? Next thing I was finding amazing dog stories everywhere! (I just love dogs and really miss our last beloved dog, Sassy; she has been irreplaceable since she died two years ago of old age.)

About The Australian Author, Dianne (Di) Bates

Dianne (Di) Bates

Dianne (Di) Bates, BA Dip Teaching has published 120+ books mostly for young readers. Some have won national and state literary awards including two Australian children’s book choice awards (KOALA and WAYRBA). Some of her books have sold overseas and in translation. Di has received Grants and Fellowships from the Literature Board of the Australia Council and has toured for the National Book Council.

Di has undertaken commissioned writing for a large number of organisations and has worked on the editorial team of the NSW Department of Education School Magazine.  She was co-editor of a national children’s magazine, Puffinalia  (Penguin Books) and editor of another national children’s magazine, Little Ears.  Currently she edits Buzz Words  (All the Buzz about Children’s Books), a fortnightly online magazine she founded in 2006 for those in the Australian children’s book industry.

In 2008, Di was awarded The Lady Cutler Award for distinguished services to children’s Literature. She runs a proactive blog, Writing for Children, as well as a Australian Children’s Poetry blog

Currently Di works as a freelance writer and manuscript assessor. Di lives in Cordeaux Heights, near Wollongong, NSW, Australia, with her prize-winning YA author husband, Bill Condon. Their website is

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