Here we recognise the achievements of our Emerging Authors & Illustrators.

Every publication whether it be small or large is a milestone and they deserve to be celebrated.


  • Georgie Donaghey's Milestones

    • Lulu chosen and read by the Sutherland Shire Library for their 2015 Reading Hour promotion.
    • Picture book, Lulu released May 2015
    • Speaker at the 2015 CYA 10 year Anniversary Conference in Brisbane
    • Chief social media correspondent at the 2015 CYA Conference
    • Awarded grant from SCBWI Australia & NZ to attend the SCBWI Conference in July 2014
    • Roving Reporter of the 2014 SCBWI Australia & NZ Conference
    • Chairing the Writing, Pitching and Publishing a Series panel at the 2014 NSW Writers' Centre Kids & YA Festival
    • Head tweeter of the CYA Conference 2014

    Creative Kids Tales website:

    • Partner with the National Year of Reading 2012
    • Averaging 130,000+ hits per month
    • Archived with the National Library’s Pandora web archive
    • Partner with Love2Read for The Reading Hour campaign 2013
    • Started radio show The Author's Shelf on 2SSR 99.7FM - Sound of the Sutherland Shire
    • Georgie is also a reviewer for Creative Kids Tales


    • Two stories in the Sally Odgers' Prints Charming Anthology, Ssstories due for release in 2016.
    • Contracted by Dragon Tales Publishing Australia for her first picture book aimed for 4+ years. Released 2015.
    • Awarded 3rd Place in CYA 2014 Competition, Primary Picture Books category for I Like Dragonflies
    • Awarded Runner up in the 2014 DeeScribe Writing Adult Summer Writing Anthology Competition, Heat.  Now on sale through Amazon.
    • Shortlisted under both the Picture Books Preschool Category and Chapter Books - Older Reader Category in the 2013 CYA Competition.
    • Highly Commended place for Arthur Fales  1st page submission in Writing Classes for Kids Comp 2011

    To find out more about Georgie Donaghey please view her Author profile.

  • Kelly McDonald's Milestones

    • Commended award for The Hollow book one Amazing Grace.  Writing classes for Kids & Adults.
    • Highly Commended award for The Hidden Fey.  Writing classes for Kids & Adults.
    • Third place CYA conference for illustrations 2011
    • First place CYA conference for illustrations 2012

    To find out more about Kelly McDonald please view her Author profile.

  • Bernadette Smallwood's Milestones

    Twitter: @dette_67

    Book publication

    Publications & displays

    • 2015: ‘Footsteps’  Red arts project, Wyndham City Council, Werribee
    • 2015: Collaborative project – Wyndham Community ‘Wish Tree’,  RED arts project, Wyndham City Council, Werribee
    • 2015: ‘The Goddess’  & ‘Waiting’,  30th Anniversary, Western Union Writers, Werribee
    • 2015: ‘Love’, ‘Time’, & ‘Landscape Australia’,  Western Reunion: 30th Anniversary Anthology, Western Union Writers, Hoppers Crossing
    • 2015: ‘You’,  WUW bi-annual newsletter, Werribee.
    • 2014: Smallwood, B. ‘Red Sunset’,  Red arts project, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2014: Smallwood, B. ‘Words Have The Power To Tell Untold Stories’  Around Hoppers Crossing – September Edition, Hoppers Crossing.
    • 2014: Smallwood, B. ‘The Writers Group’,  Positive words – January Edition, Heathcote.
    • 2014: Smallwood, B. ‘Mirror Mirror’,  WUW bi-annual newsletter, Werribee.
    • 2013: Weerama Festival, Werribee (poetry reading)
    • 2013: Smallwood, B. ‘One Splash’,  Red arts project, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2013: Smallwood, B. ‘Melodic Serenade’,  River exhibition, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2013: Smallwood, B. ‘The Journey’,  Backbone magazine, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2013: Smallwood, B. ‘Mainstream News’,  The Redroom Company, ‘The Disappearing’ i-Phone Application, March 2013.
    • 2012 & 2013: Collaborative project – Wyndham Library, Manor Lakes College, Corpus Christi PS, ‘Thank-you Book for Santa’,  RED arts project & Wrap the town RED, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2012: The Winter Gardens, Geelong (poetry reading)
    • 2012: Smallwood, B. ‘Red’,  Wrap the town red, Wyndham City, Werribee
    • 2012: Smallwood, B. ‘Bundeena Bliss’,  The Redroom Company, ‘The Disappearing’  i-Phone Application, May 2012
    • 2012: Smallwood, B. ‘The Summer I Met Nigel’,  Australian Women On-line Bedtime Stories, January 2012
    • 2012 to present: Smallwood, B. various writing samples, Creative Kids Tales


    To find out more about Bernadette Smallwood please view her Author profile.

  • Patricia Simmons' Milestones

    The real ‘Milestone’ for me was the decision at the beginning of 2010 to stop thinking about being a writer and actually start writing!

    What follows are the ‘Stepping Stones’ that make me happy and keep me motivated to write more:-

    Short Stories

    • Patricia (Pat) Simmons is pleased to announce that her short story, ‘Jimona’s Bones’  came second in the 2013 Best Little Bookshop in Town’s short story competition.
    • Winner of Best Little Book Shop in Town’s short story competition in 2010 with Eva and the Bookshop Man,  Third place in 2011 with Interview with the Cane Toad  and winner in 2012 with Dear Lewis Carroll.
    • Publication of short story, Snapdragon, in 2012 anthology Short and Twisted  (Celapene Press).
    • Mona the China Elephant  Commended Certificate from Dee White (Fact in Fiction Writing Competition October 2012).
    • Winner of BritWriters’ September 2012 Picture the Story, short story competition with The Challenge.
    • December 2014: ‘A Letter from Alice’  gained second place in CKT’s ‘The Journey’ competition and appears in the anthology ‘The Journey’.
    • April 2015: ‘Teach Me To Dance’  included in Sally Odgers’ soon to be published ‘Lucky Draw’ anthology.
    • July 2015: 1st prize in the Buzz Words ‘first 250 words’ story competition. Thank you Di Bates


    • Trim  published in Alphabet Soup Spring 2011.
    • Mrs. Chippy  accepted by School Magazine 2012.
    • Lunchtime  published in Hopscotch 2012 (Jelli Beanz publishing).
    • Mr. Pickle’s Pet Shop,  winner of Thynks Publications poetry competition and published in 50 Funny Poems for Children 2012.
    • Zoe’s Zoo  appears in the November edition of Positive Words magazine.
    • Frog Pie  accepted by Alphabet Soup for February 2013 publication.
    • Poem 'The Visit'  accepted for publication by Celapene Press in their anthology 'Short and Twisted 2013'
    • ‘Trim’  published in Looking Glass Magazine 2013
    • ‘Zoe’s Zoo’  has been kind to me:
      • April 2014 received Highly Commended in the Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial writing competition.
      • March 2015 accepted for publication in Looking Glass Magazine
    • ‘Humungous Fungus’  gained Highly Commended in PIO Spring Poetry competition December 2014
    • ‘Mrs. Chippy’  published in School Magazine ‘Blast Off’ February 2015
    • All the above poems will appear in my first published poetry collection, ‘All Creatures Cute and Quirky’  coming out later this year from Thynks Publishing UK. I’m now working on a second collection, ‘More Creatures Cute and Quirky.’
    • ‘A Kite’s Tale’  gained second place in PIO Spring 2013 competition.
    • ‘The Visit’  published by Thynks in their anthology, ‘Bards of Blidworth’  November 2014
    • I’m also delighted to have 11 poems in Sally Odgers’ Rhyming Anthology soon to be published.

    Flash Fiction 100 Words

    I must first thank author Sheryl Gwyther for creating her Flash Fiction group on Facebook. I’ve learned so much from being part of this group and now enjoy creating 100 word stories.

    • February 2015: ‘The Garden’  came in the top 10 Flash Fiction UK competition run by Earlyworks Press and will be included in their next anthology.
    • March 2015: ‘Precious’  accepted by Celapene Press for publication in the 2015 anthology ‘Short and Twisted’.
    • July 2015: 1st prize in the FAWQ flash fiction ‘harvest’ competition with my story ‘The Nightworker’

    To find out more about Patricia Simmons please view her Author profile.

  • Rachel Keyes' Milestones


    • “Handsome and Gretchin”  (fractured fairy tale) shortlisted for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Spring Writing Competition - 2014.
    • “The Deal”  (short story) published in Short and Twisted Anthology 2014.
    • Short-listed entry - "Staircase"  - Positive words mini-competition - May 2014
    • 1st Prize - Creative Kids' Tales "Key" Short story competition - 9 June 2014
    • Children's Story - "Amelie's Disappearing Sandcastle"  - published on Kids Book Review website - October/November 2014


    • Short Story – “One Day”  published in Short and Twisted Anthology June 2013 (Celapene Press).
    • Short-listed entry – “Sour Milk”,  March 2013 Positive Words Mini-Competition (milk).
    • 3rd Prize – CYA Writing Competition July 2013 – Chapter Book (younger readers) – The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre.
    • July Pitch Winner on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog – “The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre”.
    • “Nelly’s Niche”  accepted for publication – NSW School Magazine
    • Short-listed entry – “tickets”  – Positive Words mini-competition – September 2013
    • Short-listed entry – “lucky”  – Positive Words mini-competition – October 2013
    • “Ebony the Cat”,  (poem) published in Positive Words Magazine, October 2013 Issue.
    • “Gurgle, the not so Scary Ghost”  published on Kids’ Book Review website, October 11, 2013.
    • “The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre”  video book pitch chosen in top 10 for Pitch Your Book Competition – You Tube 14 October 2013.
    • “Curious Cat”  (poem) published in Positive Words Magazine, November 2013 Issue.
    • Children’s story – “Amelia’s Squish-a-licious Christmas”  published on Kids’ Book Review website – November/December 2013


    • Short –listed entry – “Always a Winner“,  August 2012 Positive Words Mini-Competition (underdog).
    • Short-listed entry – “Who’s to Blame?”  (poem) – Positive Words Magazine end of year Writing Competition 2012.
    • 2nd Prize – Creative Kids Tales “Spread Your Wings” Story Competition 2012 – “Lonely Lionel”.
    • “Ready to Read”  article, published in Better Mum Magazine (MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers) – 2012 edition.
    • “Squish-a-licious Bubble Gum”  poem, published in Positive Words Magazine – October Issue 2012.
    • “Doggone”  microfiction story, published on Macrorhyncha — Stringybark News Website – October 2012.
    • “Behind the Curtains”  short story, published on ABC Open Website – October 2012.


    • Short-listed entry – “Never Forget”,  September 2011 Positive Words Mini-Competition.
    • Short-listed entry – “He’s got the Blues”,  October 2011 Positive Words Mini-Competition.
    • Short-listed entry – “One Day”,  November 2011 Positive Words Mini-Competition.

    To find out more about Rachel Keyes please view her Author profile.

  • Artelle Lenthall's Milestones

    • Published in the Zinewest 2014 Anthology in October 2014
    • Shortlisted for the Zinewest 2014 Writer's Competition in July 2014
    • short story, Being Different  published in Zinewest 2015

  • Caroline Tuohey's Milestones

    • May 2016 Forest Wonder rhyming picture book won the Children’s Picture Book: Softcover Fiction Section of the 2016 International Book Awards.
    • May 2016 Had rhyming poem ‘Fred, Ted and Ned’ published in the School Magazine’s Countdown Issue 5
    • May 2016 Was guest performance poet at the Batlow Cider Fest
    • March 2016 Was guest speaker at the Snowy Mountains Readers Writers Festival

  • June Perkins' Milestones

    • 2016 - I won an ASA mentorship for emerging picture book writing and have as a result several picture book manuscripts prepared and polished for pitching.
    • 2016 - I presented at the Sandcliffe Writer's Festival.
    • 2016  - I published Magic Fish Dreaming last year after crowd funding it and am distributing it mostly through independent bookshops in QLDand Tasmania at present.

  • Michelle Morgan's Milestones

    Spark Award medal

    Winner of the SCBWI Spark Award 2017 (Older Readers) for Flying Through Clouds.

    Racing the Moon was awarded Highly Commended (Senior Manuscript) in the CBCA Frustrated Writers’ Mentorship Program 2012.

    SCBWI Spark Award 2017 in the Older Readers category for Flying through Clouds.