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Students Need School Libraries

Students Need School Libraries

It goes without saying in the kid-lit community that we believe that every child should have access to books. The school environment is an essential area for students to receive high quality school library services and a well-resourced school library.

Faced with Australia’s falling ranking in educational outcomes among OECD countries, a coalition of Australian school library associations formed to advocate nationally for the reinvigoration of school libraries. Students Need School Libraries was born.

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The requirements of a modern library have moved far beyond simply lending and supporting. Qualified library staff are invaluable in teaching todays students how to build positive digital footprints, use technology well, evaluate information, both print and digital and bring these skills together for practical application.

With over 140 volunteers from across Australia, NZ and globally, the many education specialists, teacher-librarians, school librarians, technicians and aides as well as parents, authors and illustrators, believe that a strong school library is a vital, practical part of the solution to many of the problems facing educators today.

The Students Need School Libraries website has a fantastic promotion resources page where you can access films, downloads, presentation slides and templates, brochures for parents and more. You can also check out their YouTube channel, where you'll find some familiar faces advocating for the importance of school libraries and need for digital literacy education.

Find out more:

Website: studentsneedschoollibraries.org.au

Twitter: twitter.com/NeedSchoolLibs

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StudentsNeedSchoolLibraries

Instagram: www.instagram.com/studentsneedschoollibraries

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC4oAdugeGZZxmqBKi4TOVQw


Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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