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Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency

Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency

This month we are featuring  - us!

Or at least another branch of, and relatively new edition to our wonderful skill set here at CKT.

If you've picked through our website, you won't be surprised at the fact that Creative Kids Tales has become a highly respected name within the children’s writing industry. What better then, than to launch the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency to add to our list of resources.

The Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency has a wonderful variety of professional authors and illustrators available for your event. As well as author talks, we offer both adults and children's workshops for a range of age groups.  CKT founder Georgie Donaghey and team, will find the perfect match to entertain and inspire, through engaging story-telling and educational content.

Whether it's for school, preschool, library, festival or conference, and now virtual sessions  - anyone can join in.

Check out our website for our range of programs and presenters.

Find out More:

Website: www.creativekidstalesspeakersagency.com.au

Twitter: twitter.com/cktspeakers

Facebook: www.facebook.com/creativekidstalesspeakersagency

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cktspeakersagency

Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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