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Children's Books Daily

Children's Books Daily

Have you ever thought about throwing a book party, or perhaps starting a book club - particularly popular during the covid pandemic? Or are you simply passionate about raising young readers? If you thought we had already covered all things books, wait - there's more!

Curated by award-winning teacher librarian and author Megan Daley, the Children’s Books Daily website focuses on assisting parents and educators to enhance a child's experience of the world of literature.

With a library of reviews, reading resources, advice from experts, themed book lists and even literary-themed gifts, Children’s Books Daily provides a wealth of easy to find and relevant information.

The hosts also offer preparation of teachers’ notes, so if you're looking to link your book to the curriculum, then this is a great place to explore.

Authors Allison Tait & Allison Rushby join Megan in hosting their Facebook group where you can join discussions on growing young readers and writers.

Children’s Books Daily provides a virtual space for those who value children’s and YA literature, and reading with children.

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Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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