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Larrikin House

Larrikin House

Larrikin House is an exciting, new Australian publishing house that has burst onto the scene. It’s aim, to publish funny stories by funny people. Larrikin House has over 30 picture book titles in production with a further 20 to be released this year.

Something that has helped cement Larrikin House as ‘one to watch’ is that it’s a subsidiary of Learning Discovery, one of Australia’s largest children’s booksellers in the education sector. Learning Discovery have been selling Children’s Books to schools, libraries and early education throughout Australia since 1992. It currently conducts business with over 10,000 educational organisations every year. Its speciality is picture books and primary non-fiction, sourced from children’s publishers both in Australia and London.

Larrikin House’s publisher James Layton has been buying and selling Picture Books since 1992 and owns and manages Learning Discovery. He imports around one hundred titles every year from major UK publishers. James noticed that there were many meaningful picture books being published but not enough nonsensical books. James knew that children love funny books and saw an opportunity after a staff member said; ‘So why don’t you publish funny books then?’ James knew lots about children’s books but didn’t know how to publish them. So he decided to learn and rang a publisher, and asked to be mentored in publishing. This took two years but he did it!

Larrikin House’s motto is simple ‘to make people laugh.’ Although to date they have focused on publishing side-splitting tales, James plans to expand into other genres. Larrikin House follow the publishing processes and marketing strategies of mainstream publishers, however being smaller they have more freedom to create their own stamp on the publishing industry.

Their submission process is easy to follow, check out on their website for more information. If your story tickles their funny bone and fits with their vision, James will get back to you quickly. It’s that simple.

Larrikin House’s arrival onto the publishing scene has given Australian children’s authors and illustrators an exciting new option. They’ve already contracted several Creative Kids Tales emerging authors are definitely one publisher to watch.

Website: www.larrikinhouse.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/larrikinhouse

Instagram: instagram.com/larrikinhouse

Introduced by Karen Hendriks

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