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Kinderling Kids Radio

Kinderling Kids Radio

Have you ever scrambled to mute an unsuitable song on the radio on the school run? (Let's face it, most of them are.) Or perhaps you're sick of that same old audiobook and wishing there was something else? Well - look no further!

Kinderling Kids Radio is a free online streaming service where you and your kids are guaranteed family friendly listening. The music schedules are laid out on the website, so you can choose in advance whether you want to tune in to 'Little Lunch - Songs and activities to munch and crunch to.’ or hang out with Groovy Ruby, the morning host providing great stories, silly songs, fun facts and sound games. You can even tune in at bedtime for sleepy songs.

Alongside the radio content there are pre-recorded podcasts and music selections. Do you need the perfect music for a kindy party? Or perhaps you'd like your child to learn some words from another country. Never mind the child, would you like to hear famous grownups talk about their favourite songs and stories? There might be some happy memories in there. Maybe you'd like to go along for the ride with The Fact Detectives and discover really important things like what IS a fossil? Are there really killer butterflies? Why do we fart?

As well as music content, KKR offer a Story of the Week. Available during the 'Settle Petal' hour daily at 5pm, story of the week premieres a new kids' book each Thursday. Hands up if your book has been chosen? Yes, there are a few CKT members in there :)

With a website that's a delight to explore, Kinderling Kids Radio has something for everyone.

So how can you listen?

  • Anywhere, anytime with the Kinderling app!
  • DAB+ digital radio (find them under ‘Kids’)
  • Stream live from their website (see below)
  • Qantas in-flight entertainment
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify

Find out more:

Website: www.kinderling.com.au

Twitter: twitter.com/kinderlingradio

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kinderlingradio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kinderlingradio

Introduction by Fiona C Lloyd

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