Meet Our Team

Georgie Donaghey
Georgie DonagheyFounder, Editor, Mentor, Publisher of Creative Kids Tales

About Georgie

Georgie Donaghey, founder of Creative Kids Tales and former host of The Author’s Shelf, is committed to helping others on their writing journey.

She is the author of the picture books Lulu, released by Wombat Books, Clover’s Big Ideas, published by Little Pink Dog Books, and In the Shadow of an Elephant, due for release in 2019.

Besides publication in the Heat Anthology (for adults) she is also the publisher of The Creative Kids Tales Short Story Collection.


Rod Donaghey
Rod DonagheyWeb Designer

About Rod

Rod was thrust into the world of children’s books by his wife, Georgie. He’s read truckloads of stories to his children over the years, but only enjoyed them from a reader’s point of view.

Wanting to help Georgie assist aspiring authors from the Australian children’s book industry, together they launched Creative Kids Tales.

Rod is responsible for the design and structure of the site. Utilising his skills as an established website designer, Rod has helped the website (and it’s members) achieve great success in the various search engines.

When he’s not up until 2.00am working on the site, which he often is, Rod dedicates his time to their three children and his beloved Cronulla Sharks League team.

Emma Cameron
Emma CameronEditor, Assessor and APT Coach

About Emma

Emma Cameron, an author and editor since 2004, is passionate about helping others on their writing journey.

She’s run multiple writing courses and her work is published in novels, anthologies, school education resources and magazines.

Both Cinnamon Rain and View From the 32nd Floor (Walker Books Australia) received CBCA Notable listing, the second being shortlisted in the 2015 Sakura Medal. Her US title, Out of This Place (Candlewick Press), was a finalist in the 2015 Global Read Aloud.


Fiona C Lloyd
Fiona C LloydCKT Intro Writer

About Fiona

Originally from the North East of England, Fiona now lives with her husband and three children in New South Wales.

She loves creating stories and poems across multiple genres, and attending workshops and author talks to improve her craft. Fiona loves all things creative. She works in television post-production on some of Australia’s best loved shows, sings soprano, has performed in many plays and a couple of opera’s, but cannot dance to save her life.

Each month, Fiona prepares the introduction for our featured author or illustrator.

You can follow Fiona’s writing journey here:


Susan Hili
Susan HiliCKT Online Critique Group Co-ordinator

About Susan

At the time I joined Creative Kids Tales, Georgie Donaghey recommended I become a member of the CKT critique group online workshop. I initially dreaded the idea of posting my stories online, but I was soon pleasantly surprised. I had joined a group of understanding and aspiring writers with helpful and supportive suggestions.

My role as a CKT team member is to liaison with members and maintain the roster. During the year there are a number of rounds. Each week of the series, an allocated member will post a story for critiquing, and fellow group members post their responses in the comments. At the end of the week, I check the responses received for each group’s submitted story, and on my round-up, I identify the group and list the names of critique that are not in, and for whose story it applies. Those names are tagged, along with the list for the following submissions.

I also provide members with information and support when needed. If it’s beyond my assistance, I have Georgie for back up. Managing the critique groups have given me more inspiration and insight in writing for children. I’m pleased to be a part of The Creative Kids Tales team.

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