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Claire Wildish

Claire Wildish - Illustrator

Claire Wildish lives in the middle of the desert where the dirt is rusty red, the sun is hot, hot, hot and the stars are always bright. She lives with her very tall husband and two little boys. Every night she puts bread on to bake and while her family are sleeping she walks through the dark night of her house, listening to the quiet and watching the moon. This is the time when stories and pictures are made inside her head. She scribbles them on the back of phone bills and toilet paper because if she doesn’t, they disappear into the night and are forgotten when she wakes in the morning to the smell of warm crusty bread.



photo of Claire Wildish

Here are some samples of Claire's Illustrations

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  • The Garden of Moon
    The Garden of Moon
  • Claire Wildish 1
    Claire Wildish 1